Start understanding your audience

As experts in engagement and emotional response, we can help you get more insight into your chosen audience.

Beyond Emotion & Engagement

Gives you insight. We help you get more understanding of your audience through insights. Using key data, we can help you learn more about your customers and get more from your data. Our emotion and engagement APIs can be used across multiple applications and markets. 

Understanding EVERYONE

We have off the shelf solutions for the learning and education space, with our plugins for learning management systems helping people understand more about their students and content. We also work throughout other markets, with applications across; Customer services, Sales, business feedback, online meetings, seminars, medical, legal departments… to name a few.

Understanding your audience is one of the most important things you can achieve. It could be the difference between gaining or losing a customer, a student passing or failing, and even legal ramifications for your business. 

The insight that our engagement solutions, emotion APIs and expertise can provide your business can help you maximise the efficacy of your systems and success. We provide real context behind your data.

While standard data points in analytics can provide some data, they don’t help with the insight into user behavior and help you understand the “why”.  We really help you get to the bottom of the difficult questions you’re asking of your data for meaningful outcomes. 

We analyze the emotional response to help understand engagement of users and emotional analysis to provide better context against the actions they take.