There is no denying that online learning is something that is not going away, and with technology improving accessibility for all learners, more and more companies are providing a whole plethora of learnings for their staff. Whether it’s for onboarding staff to a position, upskilling your staff, or a part of career development, there are huge amounts of content available to help your staff learn.

Yet with all of this content, is it actually helping your staff?

Understanding the return on investment on your content is something that is always at the front of anyone’s mind, if you’re spending money on learning content. Although, up until this point, we haven’t really been using smart analytics to try and really understand that return on investment. This is something that we specialize in; asking you the right questions so we can build effective analytics to give you clear actionable outputs and the data needed to help your staff succeed.

We understand that with data protection, it’s often different questions you’re asking compared to the formal education space. Where, in education they are interested in individual learners, the corporate learning space is usually a lot more focussed on the effectiveness of content. This is why we not only help you understand engagement using facial expression recognition, but we have a range of data points that we work with, in order to provide you the best possible information.

What Do We Look At?

On top of engagement through facial expression, we also track time spent on various parts of a page/ piece of content using heat map technology.

This can help you find out more about the elements of your courses that people are spending the most time on. You can also add in there click data, to see not only where mouse movement is, but also where users are clicking, too.

If you add these data points with emotional response data, too, you can really get to understand more about your content and learners. Where frustrations lie, where content is lacking etc. we can customize our analytics to your needs.

On top of this, we realize that people have different questions that they would like to ask from their data, as such we would provide a fully customizable dashboard, so you can specify the chart types, and data points that you would like to focus on.

We recognize the importance of effective learning in the corporate learning space and as such we are ensuring we are the experts you need to answer the questions you have of your data.


If you would like to chat more about our work and what we can do for you, please let us know.