The road to Disrupt is paved with challenges and long days and nights. As with any business and software development, you find that each hurdle presents and another. So we’re becoming great hurdlers at the moment.

Online checkin for my flight opens in 3 days. We have about 4 days.

I set off for London on Saturday night and will meet up on Sunday with the other half of emotuit to run through anything outstanding before Monday.

I’ve created a checklist of things needed to bring, as well as what is left to do before Saturday. Do I think we’ll be ready? Of course. It will all come together, we’re a great team and have 100{8eae1d7c55c82605346b321e0090be2e47c86d9df4359ab0b155246f7a97c78d} confidence we can deliver. Will everything arrive in time? I hope so. I have less confidence in the French postal system, so I’ll ensure I have a backup plan.

If I was using emotuit now, it would no doubt be showing high levels of fear on my face as well as happiness. I love our product and my passion for getting it in schools and around the world is at an all time high.

We hope to see you soon, if not, we will keep you posted on so you can follow our journey.