How do you track students’ active learning in your LMS?¬†

To find the answer, one would normally look at the data that we have for that student; how long they spent in the LMS etc. but one thing we can’t be certain of with this, is, are the students actively learning, or even there? Does this count as active learning, or even learning at all?

To make things easier, or our data more intelligent, emotuit does two important things. Firstly to combat the “is the student even there?” question, as you’re already aware (or maybe you’re not, but you will be now…) emotuit uses facial expression recognition as students learn through the LMS, which, when it can’t detect a face, stops registering the students’ session time. This in turn means that the figures that you get for your time on task¬†metrics, are far more accurate.

Secondly, when a student is there, sat at their computer logged into the LMS and “in course” as it were, what’s to say that they are going through the course? I for one, know full well that I can have an edX course open for ages (that reminds me, I need to complete that one. New years resolution?) but not actually have it as an active tab on your browser.

As far as your LMS analytics is concerned, you opened the course and you’re learning. But, you could well have switched over to facebook or pictures of cats and completely stopped doing anything in the course.

This is what emotuit helps with, too.

With our active tab feature, emotuit will calculate when a student is active within a course and hasn’t switched out to browse something else. If a student does switch tabs, our system zeros out the engagement score, but continues the session. This then gives you two data points; active learning time and total time in course. Allowing you to see exactly when students are switching out of the course and to something else, as opposed to closing the session, which would in turn have an impact on the course engagement scores.

We try to ensure that the data you are getting from your LMS provides you with sufficient information for you to take action. Also, ensuring that the data you have is as accurate as we can get it, so you know you’re taking action on meaningful data.

The active tab feature for emotuit preview can be seen here:

[youtube id=”pzsrKD57Na8″ width=”600″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”” class=””]

And will be available publically in our January release.

If you have any questions about our features or product, please get in touch

– emotuit