Everyone loves new features and that’s exactly what we’re bringing to the emotuit engagement analytics table! The Student Overview on a course shows you more than just how engaged your students are, but also displays student data that the¬†LMS¬†analytics gives you too, such as: Page views, Time in the system, Participations, Quiz scores, as well as engagement.

Why is this so good?

Because CONTEXT is key. All of the data that you get from the LMS, in this case Canvas, we’re told can help us determine student success. The measure that we’re all trying to understand and monitor. Yet, all of these system driven data points lack that one important point, being context.

A student with 10 page views versus a student with 20, for example, could be seen as less likely to succeed as they have fewer page views, although without any context we could say that this student actually is struggling less, so is MORE LIKELY to succeed. You see the difficulty without more of an understanding? We collect so much data that what we forget is that context is key. Without that, our student data is all but meaningless. The one thing everyone collects student data for, is to take action of that data. Yet, if you don’t have any context behind it, the data that you are acting on isn’t accurate.

This is why all of this data is great, as long as you layer in some context to help you make sense of the data more effectively. This is what we do, allowing you to have all of this system driven data, but also helping you understand how engaged those students were throughout their course as well. You can go to the level of having the student data on each module/ page/ piece of content within your course, too. To ensure that you can understand your students’ activity and engagement throughout the course.

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