Engagement Analytics Plugin for Online Learning


The emotuit engagement analytics solution is a plugin for Blackboard and Canvas learning management system. Easy to install and use, our solution provides you more context behind information you are getting from your LMS. 

Not only can our plugin help you really understand if a student is active within a course, module, assessement, by using our face detection and active tab functions, our tool also helps you really understand when students engagement is dropping within a course. 

Our analytics dashboard that works using LTI, renders in your learning management system making it very simple to get a snapshot of how your students are engaging with your course. 

If a student is disengaged, you can see in a snapshot and support that student before they drop out. The perfect tool for at risk students. 

Not only this, but you can see trends on how effective your course material is, to help you understand if your content is effective or not. Making your content changes easier to measure.

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