We were recently asked to speak at the very first ReCharge event held at University of South Carolina’s Palmetto College, with many of the South Carolina Universities attending. The 2 day event had many different speakers, all centered around the theme of online learning.

With such a great variety of speakers, we heard a lot around standards in online learning and how we can try and ensure that we’re catering for everyone when it comes to learning online.

Thomas Tobin started everyone off discussing the merits of Universal Design, which might come as a bit of an uphill climb from where most people are with their online content, but the aim of universal design means that you’re reaching a much wider audience of learning preferences. (Tom dispelled the phrase Learning Styles in favour of Learning Preferences, due to their ability to change for students depending on many things)

It was clear that all of the people in the room shared a real passion for delivering quality content, and trying to really understand more about how to best cater for the students.

We also heard about Quality Matters¬†which also focused on ensuring quality about the design and creation of online content. It’s great to see so much being done around the creation of content, and course material. As we all know, there has been such a gap in this, that so many courses online, just really lack the design focus or standard that is needed to ensure efficacy for students.

It was then emotuit’s turn… we spoke around the use of data science in understanding your students, which is quite clearly what we do.

With the other topics centering on the design, it led really well into our presentation as, design and standards are fantastic, but without feedback to understand¬†what is effective and what isn’t, it’s hard to really understand what to focus on and what not to.

Also, it’s really difficult to understand the preferences of your students, not to mention when they need assistance with their learning.

We really enjoyed helping the audience there understand what we do; how we use emotional response of students to really understand student engagement and with that use that data to help them.

Hopefully we’ll be speaking more to the people on South Carolina, as we love what they’re doing for online learning and everywhere they strive to be.

Thank you for having us there, it was a pleasure.