We don’t always shout about the good things that occur… OK we do, but with great reason. They’re really great things! This time is no exception as well. If you haven’t heard of the Mecate program (http://mx.socialab.com/challenges/mecate-2017), it’s tagline is “Envisioning the future of education” which could well have been written by us, it is so inline with the emotuit mission.

The program is setup by the Tecnológico de Monterrey university in Mexico, which has a great reputation for innovation in technology, especially around education.

What does this mean, and what is the program?

Mecate whittles down the applicants to a final 6, of which emotuit was chosen. After this we will follow the following timeline, from planning, to rolling out a pilot with universities and schools in Mexico. Once the pilot period (4 months) has ended, we can look at the data and assess how we formalize a roll out to Mexico.

This is such fantastic news for emotuit, to break such grounds in a new country. With data being such an important part of what we do, this opens up a whole growth area for us and will really help us to reach more parts of the world. Soon, our quest of being in every continent in the world will happen…

We will always keep you updated with our Mecate journey, so keep tuned to our twitter feed for a drip feeding of events.