We are here. We’ve not got lost, in fact we’ve just had our heads down working hard to build what is now v1.0 of our LTI app for Canvas.

We know that student retention is important to anyone in educational faculty. We also know that understanding your students is not only a very important part of this, but a growing challenge when it comes to studying online and eLearning content.

As such, emotuit’s app uses facial expression recognition to analyze student’s emotional response to content, as they’re taking a course online. But as more and more studies will tell us, there is no such thing as average, so comparing your students to average, doesn’t help you understand them at all. This is why emotuit looks at each individual student and creates them a score which is relevant to them, meaning we know what engaged means for each student, personally.

What does this look like for a student taking a course on Canvas?

Well, not a lot. Apart from the camera icon in the bottom left, it’s the same experience you would normally expect.

Now, what does this look like for an administrator? 

Through the admin tools, you can reach emotuit’s LTI dashboard…

Giving you a breakdown of all your courses you have to select.

Allowing you to see the overview of how your course is performing, giving you engagement by day as well as key takeaways on the right. Showing you if your course is performing well, weekly visits by students and how much your course has improved over the previous week. All of these actions are customizable, along with being able to set notifications on a course if something changes, like engagement dropping on a particular module or student.

Not only can you filter down by content, to see how individual content is performing in the course and how engaging it is, you can also drill down on the student level too.

We’d love to give you a demo of the solution, or talk to you about how we can help you understand your students engagement in online content, so please reach out to info@emotuit.com to talk more.