Cambridge Analytica & Their Greed Quest to Ruin an Industry

Unless you live under a stone, or have your eyes firmly shut 24hrs a day, you will have heard about the facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal around user data and consequently the use of that data.

For me and the industries I work, it’s particularly shit to read. To quote Taylor Swift (I’m going there…) “This is why we can’t have nice things”.

When you have a person, who is touting themselves as big data analysis experts specialising in predictive analytics; it puts them firmly in my field. Yet, this is not what they are at all. They are malicious people who want nothing more than to use data to exploit people for greed. Pure and simple.

I am so massively passionate about what data can do to improve the world we live in, and the way that we learn, yet it seems that you will always have people out there determined to undermine the work of others by pulling the industry of data analytics into disrepute.

Broken Trust

What this does is breaks user trust, and as anyone knows, this is not something easy to repair. Why shouldn’t people be wary? People trusted their data with Facebook, a company worth billions of dollars, but somehow they managed to let that slip to Cambridge Analytica, who then used private information to manipulate markets for their own purposes and greed. Hell, I’d be pissed.

However, with anything, we cannot let the few ruin the world for the many. The evolution of data can be used for good. I’m telling you that not just because it’s what I am striving for, but because I believe it. I am also at the same wary of the fact I don’t want my car sending data back to insurance companies if I go over the speed limit at any time, so my insurance goes through the roof, or any other of the many internet enabled devices we all own now.

So I’m on both sides here, but I also think that that is important to ensure that the data we both provide and use is never used in any way, other than for improving learning outcomes. Security is something that emotuit takes very seriously and also ethics and integrity to solve real world problems.

Let’s Prove Them Wrong

I hope that this data scandal will not setback technology and data analysis too much, and people can show real world applications for good use of data and not just for commercial gains. I for one will be doing all I can to ensure that this is the case.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and concerns on the subject. Hit me up in the comments!


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