If you’re a Canvas customer, you will no doubt be very much aware of InstructureCon. NO?! NOOO!? You can’t be serious?!

My word, now that I have come to terms with that; InstructureCon is Instructure’s yearly conference for all it’s customers, vendors and partners. This year it’s theme is KumbayAwesome… so, camp themed!


And, what’s more awesome than KumbayAwesome? Emotuit being there as a sponsor, that’s what! Surely super kumbayawesome right there.

We’ll be there for the duration, adding to your pin badge collection and showing you what emotuit can do and we CAN’T WAIT to meet so many of you guys.

So, please do come and say hello. I’ll be the one with the English accent, if you can understand what I’m saying!

Get your camping-self ready!