One thing we were lacking, based on feedback from our BETA customers, was a simple way of disabling the emotuit app for certain courses, or for certains parts of a course, or even for certain students.

So, we listened and released a UI update to the emotuit Engagement Analytics app for Canvas and have made it super easy to enable and disable parts of the course.

enable course material

The above shows you just how easy it is to slide the toggle switch across and disable the app on a certain page of the course. You might not want it to be present on the Course Home Page for example.

(no data above showing on engagement, as it’s our test server, of course!)

enable users

You can also just as simply disable emotuit for individual students now, too.

With this, we also improved our notifications feature, allowing you to set custom notifications when engagement drops on a course and in what part.


This now allows you to set a daily, hourly, weekly digest on a course:

periodic notifications

Get in touch with us, for us to show you more features and what’s to come in our emotuit apps!