The University of North Carolina System Learning Technology Commons is a new way of universities to choose their technology products for their campuses. With 17 campuses and over 225,000 students, North Carolina has many universities, all with different processes, setups and systems.

Because of this, the way of finding, purchasing and using the products previously, was a difficult and tiresome process. Now though, they are trying to make it much easier.

From EdSurge:

The Learning Technology Commons aims to iron out inefficiencies in edtech procurement. Rascoff recalls overhearing faculty from one UNC campus praise one tool, while instructors at another institution said they weren’t allowed to use it because their legal department thought it wasn’t compliant with FERPA.

With the Commons, faculty will be able to select tools that have already been approved by the UNC system. Any software, app, game or edtech provider can apply to join the network. They must agree to a standard set of requirements defined by UNC, which include agreeing to protect student privacy, comply with relevant laws and regulations, and share pricing at different volume levels. The idea is to make the decision-making process for faculty “feel more like downloading an app on your phone and less like doing a giant RFP for an enterprise planning system,” Rascoff says.

What’s great about this, is that emotuit is a part of it. We have been approved as one of the softwares on their list, which can be selected by any campus in the UNC System.

We will be visiting North Carolina on the open day at UNC to introduce ourselves to the different campuses, staff and all attendees and can’t wait to show you how you can benefit from emotuit.

Thanks for having us and see you soon