EdTech Conferences – Where do we start?

It always comes to January and we have that decision to make about which edtech conferences we will be attending or even sponsoring, or exhibiting at that year. It’s a minefield! The options go on forever and around the globe, too. Now, we would love to attend all of them, but then we’d never be building the brilliant things we are, like our D2L plugin (shameless plug).

Yet, last year we went big and sponsored BbWorld and InstructureCon and it was great as it fitted what we offered with our LMS apps. Although, this year that won’t be possible, as someone has decided to put both BbWorld17 and InstructureCon17 on the SAME TIME! Crazy.

While it might be a challenge for us to decide what to attend, it’s also a challenge for you guys, too. What do you attend, and more importantly, what are you likely to get out of it? It’s great to pop to a buzz of an event like these, but lets face it, they are not cheap and it’s important to make sure you take something away, too.

Conference Schedules – Can you help?

With thanks to the internet, and in particular EdSurge, who put together a cracking conference schedule, which you can find the Higher Ed specific one HERE and the K-12 Edtech Conferences HERE. Now, this will give you a schedule, as well as tell you where it fits; is it a product specific conference, is it for teaching and learning, or is it more business focussed. It doesn’t obviously tell you what you are likely to get out of it, as this is obviously quite personal.

The best thing we can advise, it make a shortlist of all of the conferences you think that you would like to attend, go to each of their sites and look at the schedule. Also look at the “who attends this conference”, as they tend to have a section on this too. That way you can pick subjects that are interesting for your work and knowledge, as well as understand who also will likely be there.

We hope this can help you work your way through the maze of great conferences there are out there. We also hope to see you at some of them this year.