DeVos Confirmed, World Sighs

We spoke before about DeVos when she struggled to understand the difference between proficiency vs growth and we’ve just heard the words,  “Betsy DeVos confirmed as Secretary of Education.” It was at that point everyone around the world sighed, unsure of what the future holds in public education.

Whilst we do not like to get involved in political debate, it is one subject that obviously holds a close spot in our hearts. Yet, as much as DeVos struggles with the grasp of simple areas in education, we have to ask ourselves:

How much power would DeVos even have?

This is something that is clearly now a concern. With DeVos having some quite different viewpoints in education, many people are now concerned about what will happen with her sitting in the Secretary of Education seat. Well, we looked into it, and the main power she has is really is bringing up the agenda. On top of this, that agenda still needs to be passed through legislation and go through national, state and local policies.

Though, one of the main things she does hold, is the purse strings around all grants, which equates to billions across education and where that money is going to go. That, along with the interesting views and ideas from DeVos, still holds a lot of power and while we don’t foresee a huge educational reform, there are still many things we could see from her.

With the power at the State level, we’re hopeful that a lot will not change and we, as everyone else will be closely watching as things unfold more.