D2L Analytics are getting improved!

How is this? Well, quite simply because the emotuit for D2L is on it’s way. That’s how. Thanks to the demand from a number of institutions, we’ve pushed up our timelines slightly to get the D2L integration from emotuit out. This means your D2L analytics will get better, thanks to our help.

Why D2L?

This is a good question, and one that we’ve been mulling on strategically for some time. Our ultimate aim is to have all of our current analytics, and future products available across all; Canvas, Blackboard, D2L and Moodle, meaning it’s a seamless experience for our customers, no matter which LMS they use. Our Canvas and Blackboard integrations are just that.

When you look at the trends in the LMS market, you can see the steady decline in market share from Blackboard, but at the same time there is still a dominance there. Canvas has been eating up market share, especially among new LMS implementations. While Moodle’s market share has decreased slightly over the last 5 years, D2L  has seen an improvement. Now, when it comes down to it, our plans are always going to be to deliver both integrations for both Moodle and D2L.

In this instance it just happens that D2L is likely to pass the finish line first.

So, if you use Desire 2 Learn and want improved D2L analytics, we’re here and ready to talk to you about how we can improve your understanding of your students and your content.

Our current timelines would  put us ready to release for the end of Summer, so just ready for the Fall semester. Get in touch now to line up a demo of our analytics, so you can see how we can make your lives easier, and we can be in ready for Fall.

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