Blackboard announced at BbWorld16 that they have added Caliper to Moodlerooms, which then adds to the Learn support which was completed last year. This is great news when it comes to analytics, data context and when it comes to what we do here at emotuit.

Firstly, what is caliper?

Caliper is an IMS Global framework for analytics which helps surface a consistent measure of learning activity. This gives us more detailed data points. This allows you to capture events in much more detail. This, in turn helps you do much more to understand your students activity when it comes to their interaction with the LMS and their online learning.

Which is obviously great news when it comes to those of us who are passionate about ensuring all students are experiencing the most out of the online learning experience. As well as those concerned with their data context.

Caliper improves your analytical data

As I frequently say; the practice of classroom teaching caters for the middle ground of student, but as it’s face to face, allows us to understand those students at each end of the spectrum and support their personal needs accordingly. Though, with online learning, we have so far been unable to cater for those who are outside of that middle band. As there is no way of measuring, accurately, if a student is struggling, beyond the testing of students.

Caliper across more LMSs now enables us here at emotuit to use the sensors available to create even more context for people to understand their content and students. If a student is ACTUALLY watching a video, then how are they ACTUALLY responding? Let’s take all these micro points of data we can get from Caliper and apply some layer of context behind it and really make this data useful and actionable!

Let’s hope through our partnership with Instructure, we can be the first involved with their implementation work with Caliper. With D2L leading the space, we have a great coverage for better, more consistent analytics, which will really help further understand your content and students.