Since, we’re having to retrace our steps slightly (See here for why that is), I thought it would be a idea to fill in some of the emotuit gaps.

In September 2015, we joined the BoomStartup Edtech Accelerator cohort, based in Utah. It was a time of much change at emotuit. We officially become an inc. US based company, we changed direction from an LMS based platform, to an app model, plugin to existing LMSs.

I’m sure you’ll agree, a big change on both business and development fronts.

We spent the next 3 months, building our new product, concentration our efforts on Instructure’s Canvas LMS app.

By the time we had wrapped up the accelerator, not only had we made some of the most fantastic connections in the EdTech industry, but also managed to get a beta version of our product completed.

Since “graduating” from BoomStartup, we’ve completed v1.0 of the Canvas app, as well as our BlackBoard Learn Building Block, too.

We loved our time at BoomStartup and would love to thank everyone for their time, both while we were there, and all the times since.