As you would have noted, emotuit has it’s great engagement analytics app for Instructure’s Canvas LMS, which is great, but Blackboard analytics also needs some emotuit help.

This is why¬†we also have a Blackboard Building Block too! That’s right, for all of you guys who thought, darn, I wish we could get our hands on emotuit, but we have Blackboard and not Canvas… You can! I know, right!? You can now have better reporting, student overview, engagement analytics, all of which really bring more than Blackboard analytics can. It’s easier to use than Blackboard analytics, and easier to take action on your data.

You’d think this would be fairly obvious, since we’re sponsoring BbWorld but you know, sometimes you have to see it in print before it becomes real. In fact, people are loving the Blackboard building block, it’s simple to install and easy to use. Really simple. We ensure it is, for you.

As we use LTI, you get the same look and feel of our Canvas app, just within your Blackboard instead. You get the same great dashboard for your engagement analytics, just in Blackboard. We can help you understand more about your students. With so many people using Blackboard Learn, we just couldn’t ignore it. If you’re one of those people who use Blackboard and just aren’t getting what you need from Blackboard analytics, let us know. We’d love to show you how we could help you.

You can see a full demo on request, or if you’d like to know who’s already using the Blackboard building block, please just get in touch. Many people around the world are already making their online courses better, and understanding more about their students with emotuit’s engagement analytics. You could be one of those people.

Understand more about your students and content, try emotuit.