All of this activity and work seems to last forever, for us and probably for you as well. The big news is that, as you’ve read above. We will be “soft launching” the web app and Android app in May this year at the Collision Conference in Las Vegas.

We would have been ready to launch at the end of last year with our Android app, but we decided to hold off so that we could have a full web app available to take courses, as well as through Android mobile devices. This obviously pushed us back slightly in where we wanted to be, but the end result should hopefully be better for this.

We will be taking a BETA group of users to test the first phase of 200 users, which we will launch a campaign to sign up slightly nearer the date.

While we are in BETA phase, we will be taking in feedback, driving content creation for courses on emotuit systems and starting to develop our iOS app along side these efforts.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and support. We know Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we thank you for continued support through our development.

If you ever have any questions you can contact me at