Analytics is actually a thing… it’s just matured.

Yesterday, I read Mike Sharkey’s post on the Blackboard Blog about analytics not featuring on the NMC Horizon report for 2017, when it has across pretty much every year in the last 5. Mike went on to say that analytics was no longer a “thing” but instead was intrinsically entwined in all of the other topics featured in the report.

It’s not that I don’t see that as being true, and it’s not that I don’t think analytics runs through all of those reported trends. It’s more the case that this could be said of everything posted on the report in the last 5 years, too.

horizon report analytics

The difference now, is that the analytics space has in fact changed. It’s matured. Although I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is “mature”, simply it has matured…

If you go back a few years, it was something that everyone had on their agenda. Analytics. Must do it. Cue the abundance of different ways you can collect data, or measure things, monitor, analyze, you name it. The phase of analytics being the go to buzzword has come and gone, but now we’re in a situation of rationalization.

Simply, now people are asking different questions, or in fact asking questions full stop. There was a great emphasis put on “doing” analytics, which people for the most part did, without understanding the question that was being asked in the first place. I think now that is what has changed and people are starting to ask the questions to help them understand what they need to capture and measure.

My Prediction?

Analytics will end up being broken down more into the questions people are asking, and I do think as Mike says, they are linked with all the things coming out and on people’s agenda, too. It’s just now that people are more aware of the solutions and technology that they’re implementing, they want to understand how effective they are, too.