About us

Founded in 2014 when Ross Jones and Sean Burton came together to solve a problem of engagement in online learning, using state of the art emotion recognition technology. 

Since that point, they built a suite of plugins for the education space, working with institutions all over the world. 

Building on their work in the education space, and becoming the leading engagement analytics company in education, and the only company that specifically deals with emotion analysis in education, emotuit branched out to provide support to other sectors. 

Using their expertise and experience in education, emotuit released their API to allow people to build on top of the technology important to us. The emotuit API has allowed us to build solutions for customers, custom to their specific needs. We have built solutions for Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Education, FMCG, Legal, Medical sectors and more. 

Our work covers sales training feedback, online seminar presenter feedback, meeting feedback, lecture feedback, medical training feedback, legal feedback, adaptive noticeboards, adaptive chatbots, customer services feedback, engagement analytics and again, many more. 

To find out how we can help you get more out of your data, get in touch and we can schedule a call. 


Over 10m calls to the emotuit API